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Mel hidrocor lenses

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(1 year use)

These hidrocor contact collection has zero limbal ring, meaning no harsh borders & realistically-sized iris. The coloration is totally smooth, non-pixellated and has intricate spokes to blend with the interior of your iris without blocking your pupil (and giving you tunnel vision)!

Their simple, elegant design makes these contacts look ultra realistic with any skin tone or eye color. These color contacts effectively cover any underlying eye color - ranging from the darkest to the lightest shades.

✔ Prevents protein buildup so they are super comfortable .
✔The hydrogel soft lenses formular allow oxygen pass through to the cornea so you experience no dryness or discomfort .
✔ Blends into eyes naturally. No obvious black ring .
✔Prescription lenses also available .

(Compared to solotica lens)