Maksins hair a 100% virgin hair company offers the purest unprocessed human hairs collected from donors around the world, mostly South-Asia & South Eas-Asia. "We get our hairs directly from there countries of origin" Maksins Hair is constantly searching for that next country with special quality hair that is notch above what you are used to. We will keep you updated with the latest places & hair information, so check back often.

Maksins real Hair is unique in that it is one of the few Black-owned hair extensions retailers in the world. It is the unique vision of Ms. Amaka Ihenachor, a long-time wearer of hair extensions who has an eye for perfection and a mission to bring the highest quality hair extensions to women of all colors, and at affordable prices too.

Maksins real Hair cuts through all the hype and the misinformation surrounding the hair business and does it by giving you a diverse array of colors, textures and lengths. We offers only the best and most healthy hair that is unprocessed and cuticle aligned. We offer only the best and most healthy hairs that are unprocessed and cuticle aligned. This unique hair collection can be coloured, highlighted, bleached, or converted to any type of curl pattern just as you would expect from any natural hair. The hair generally comes in shades of browns & blacks although on occasions we receive batches of a slightly lighter brown – such is the nature of the genuine natural hair. You can use the extensions numerous times but be sure to treat the hair with the due care it deserves.You can trust that you will get the highest quality in hair extensions, as we painstakingly search out the best hair around the globe and bring you only what makes our cut for what passes as high quality, long-lasting hair.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with the best natural / virgin hair that can be found”. Maksin’s real hair is available throughout the world via online at  and also through authorized global sales representatives.